CM Storm Devastator Review – Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo


Onto the keyboard now! The CMStorm Devastator Keyboard is a membrane keyboard as mentioned before, so that entails a few things. The keyboard isn’t as noisy or doesn’t give as much feedback as mechanical keyboards, whether that’s a good or bad thing depends on user preferences. It does however mean that the membrane switches could wear out quicker than a mechanical switches would. The Devastator’s product page however says that their mechanical switches are “Optimized” to provide enhanced durability and tactile feedback. I could feel the tactile feedback, pressing on keys wasn’t as mushy and bland as I was expecting (which was a pleasant surprise), but it was definitely no mechanical keyboard. The durability though is something I wouldn’t be able to test in the short time I had to review the keyboard.

I really enjoyed the slightly grip coated keycaps, the slight touch of traction making the keys feel like more than just hard plastic, as well as giving my fingers just enough grip to stop at keys faster and easier.


My biggest complaint about the keyboard would be that after about two hours of gaming with it my fingers started to really hurt, no matter what angle I was at. This ultimately made it so that I used the keyboard a lot less than I did the mouse. However, when I was using it and not in pain, I felt that the keys were well spaced out and it didn’t take long for me to get used to the new keyboard. The tactile feedback from their optimized membranes was also a nice touch! While very discreet, it was noticeable and made it more pleasant to use than other membrane keyboards.

Also, one thing to keep in mind, the hand cramps could’ve been caused by any number of reasons and may not be due to the keyboard at all. I was perfectly fine for the first hour, and later when I used it I didn’t feel any pain either. So this again is a case by case scenario that will be different for every individual.


I enjoyed using both the Devastator keyboard and mouse, and found them each to be excellent for both entry level or even some hardcore computer gamers. Together, they make an even better package, especially for the extremely low price of 29.99 (USD)! That in itself makes the bundle a must buy for anyone looking to get either a gaming mouse or keyboard, especially considering the average price for other entry level products by themselves would be around the price of this bundle. So despite the flaws, and the fact that both products could get outclassed by other more expensive ones, the price makes this a great deal.


Besides the appeal for people on a budget or entry level gamers, this could also be enticing to any computer gamer as well! The fact that it’s so cheap for two products could mean that this bundle works as a backup to your main gear, or as a replacement in case things have gone awry! Plus, it has a two year warranty, so you’re guaranteed to have at least something for a while.

However, as I’ve mentioned a few times, both of these products are rather simple, as far as gaming devices go. They don’t have a lot of customization options, especially since they’re focusing on a “plug in and play” mentality, which may put off a lot of either picky or “elite” gamers. Some parts of both the keyboard and mouse feel kinda cheap, and while I haven’t had any issues personally, I wouldn’t be all that surprised if something broke suddenly. For the price of this bundle though, I am willing to sacrifice a bit of quality for such a great deal.

Two more things worth mentioning! Both the keyboard are connected to your computer via USB, and the keyboard and mouse both work on mac in addition to windows (which is what they were made for), with the exception of the backlight for the keyboard.

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Getting two things to review in the same package feels a little overwhelming, yet exciting at the same time. I get to ask myself so many questions that I normally wouldn’t, such as: “How do these two devices work together?” or “Do they manage to pull off a similar style, making them feel like an item bundle” and even “What does this mean for consumers, is it more worth it than buying a keyboard and mouse separately?” All these questions I will answer, analyzing both the products included in the Cooler Master Devastator bundle separately and as a package. The…

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Unbeatable Value

The CMStorm Devastator Gaming Bundle might have a few flaws and downsides, but that's all overshadowed by the amazing price, making this product a great value!

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  1. Hello. How DO you reprogram the mouse buttons for the Devastator mouse?

  2. Been using the mouse for 2 weeks of gaming scrolls malfunction already tho the keyboard is very good.

  3. Is it water proof?And is it compatibke with windows 7?

  4. I bought this pack some while ago but i see that on all of those there is backlight in the keys and betwen them but at my there is only backlight in the keys?Older model or something?

  5. I’ve had the Devastator mouse now for about 6 weeks. I have found it to be loose and sloppy even with the scroll button lock on high. I can’t see doing precise work with it such as CAD. In fact I can’t think of any application where this mouse would be of benefit, be it game or business or home use.

    • I have been using the Commander mouse for GIS for a couple weeks. It works great. So… +1 to Commander over Devastator?

  6. How does this keyboard/ mouse do with windows 10?

  7. I’ve had these keyboard and mouse sets now for about 1 year without any issue and I must say it is a nice set to play games with

  8. Not being able to reprogram the side buttons from back fwd to keystrokes is a real negative of this mouse… It is a gaming mouse fer cripes sakes

  9. Hi, I want to ask how to reprogrammed the mouse buttons because I use this mouse in MAC and the side mouse not going backward and forward but it becoming “ENTER” button so how do i fix this thank you

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