Cooler Master ML240L Cooler Review

Testing and Performance

Our build was very easy and the ML240L provided simple enough directions that a caveman could follow. We found the tubes had more than enough length and the fans had enough cord to get themselves to the nearest 4 pin. Our test we plan to take Cooler Masters ML240L through is designed to test the cooler under extreme circumstances.Our first test is a simple stress test with no overclocking. At 100% our test ran for an hour. We would consider a temperature of 62°C to be a win in Cooler Masters books and in ours as well.Compared to the ML120L, the older brother stayed a whole 2°C cooler. Next we are going to turn our attention to our 5.0 GHZ overclock. For these tests we are using an Intel I7 7700K which is known to run at a higher temperature then most CPU’s. To our surprise we achieved a temperature of only 64.5°C. The smaller 120mm brother had an average of 75°C which proves the fact that a radiator with double the surface area and double the fans makes a huge difference in temperature control. We also took the overclock a bit further running a 5.1 GHZ test. Unfortunately the system rebooted 53 minutes into the test.  At the same time we also tested the noise made from the pump/fans to see if the advertised sound is close to the actual sound.Our readings averaged off at approximately 59.5 DB. This temperature was much higher than the advertised sound, however, the ability to cool much outweighs the slight increase in sound in our opinions.

Final Thoughts/Gaming Potential

Gaming requires that a system stay at a very low stable temperature to avoid any unnecessary lag or overheating issues. Cooler Master’s ML240L gives us a great option in performance boosting without having to burn a hole trough your wallet. The professional look mixed with longer tube length gives consumers options on where to put the radiator. The only negative we could really find with Cooler Master’s ML240L was the higher than advertised sound. You can see the huge improvement between Cooler Master’s 120mm and the 240mm which really gives consumers a good building block on why spending a few extra dollars can provide a massive performance boost. The ML240L is a must buy for this holiday season for any PC owner having cooling issues. This cooler has definitely earned its silver seal and we cant wait to see what Cooler Master has in store for us in the future.


As of late our theme for reviews has been coolers. CPU coolers are an integral part to any PC build. With Cooler in their name one would get the impression that Cooler Master and their new ML240L AIO is top notch. We are here to test that theory and see how it compares to the smaller 120mm version as well as the competing companies products. Contents and Packaging Our ML240L came packaged in standard AIO style with a nice looking black Cooler Master box. Moving to the inside we see the slotted cardboard mold with all the crucial parts wrapped in…

Review Overview

Contents and Packaging

Chill Out!

All in all this is a great cooler at a very affordable price. The noise was a little higher than expected but the cooling was still quite efficient. Great thermal solution!

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