Crucial M500 480GB SSD Review – A New Benchmark For Incredible Affordability And Performance


While both the 480GB and 960GB Crucial M500 models having similar specs and speeds on paper, they have few differences on their respective PCB layout. For example, the 960GB version has two cache chips giving it a total of 512MB versus the 256MB of the 480GB version.

Crucial M500 480GB SSD

Furthermore, the model numbers of the NAND modules and cache buffers are different in each case. Of course while the throughput is theoretically the same, the NAND die of each block on both sides of the PCB is double, so 64GB each instead of 32GB.

Crucial M500 480GB SSD

In terms of similarities, the M500 series features power-failure protection as illustrated by the plethora of capacitors around the cache buffer and FPU. In case of an outage, the SSDs will have enough time backup crucial data to the cache before powering down:

Crucial M500 480GB SSD

The M500 series also has ‘Adaptive Thermal Protection’, meaning that the SSD will down-shift during high temperatures to prevent malfunction and data loss. When the M500 reaches a comfortable temperature threshold again (below 60 degrees Celsius), it will resume at full-strength. Of course this means that the SSDs should be kept in an optimal environment to prevent the downscale.

Crucial M500 480GB SSD

Last but not least, the M500 line also has data protection in the form of IEEE 1667 and TCG Opal 2.0. Not only do these add-ons make it more secure as it is all hardware-based security (no threat of software being breached or corrupted), but they also have no negative impact on drive/system performance.

All of these extras are great to see, and really increase the appeal of the M500. Many of these features are reserved solely server/enterprise grade SSDs, so seeing them on affordable consumer-level drives is a breath of fresh air.


  1. Amazing review Deepak. Must be good as you got linked by Engadget whereas…well…TSSDR never. eheheh.

  2. Can’t blame you two for the cheery mood! Both reviews are great, and I am very cheerful as well! 60 Cents/GB for a 3rd gen Marvel SSD, and at 960 GB capacity, means -for the first time- high-end rigs can be built without mechanical drives!

  3. What is it about SMART attributesAA and C4, new drive failing?!

  4. I like this review of that powerful Crucial M500 480GB SSD

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