Crucial M550 SSD (512GB) Review – Consistent Performance Never Looked So Good!


As we can see from comparing the listed performance against the actual results, the drive does meet the expectations when looking at our benchmarks that utilize compressible data. When testing with incompressible data however, performance dropped marginally which is typical and expoected. As we know, incompressible data is that of movies, pictures and audio files. The performance drop is slightly more than what we would prefer to see, but the results are still exceptional when you consider the drive does not use any type of caching software, and relies solely on the hardware itself for it’s performance.

Crucial M550 SSD 2

Additionally, throughout our testing we noticed that their were no abnormalities, thus providing us with the confidence that the Crucial M550 provides consistent performance across the board. Even as we repeat our benchmarks, results are returned with similar speed, as well as read and write throughput. This, in addition to the plethora of included features and encryption, creates a drive that is hard to resist, especially with capacities of up to 1 TB.

The only aspect or component we would have really liked to have seen with the Crucial M550 SSD is a softwareutility. The utility could be similar to that of ADATA’s new SSD Toolbox, which would allow for you to monitor the health of the SSD, easily change settings and optimize the drive.

Crucial M550 SSD

On a consumer level, the Crucial M550 SSD is truly a premium solid state drive. Not only does the drive feature premium components, but it also is accompanied by consistent performance, a wide array of encryption, and also a great price point. With all of this being said, we award the Crucial M550 512GB SSD with the Technology X Gold Seal.

Tech X Gold Seal Opt

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Our report today examines Crucial's latest SATA 3 SSD release, the M550 2.5" 512GB SSD. The M550 is directed towards the personal computing market and is advertised with increased performance, expanded battery life for mobile users, a more fluid set of form factors and the standard high capacities. The Crucial M550 2.5" SSD features the SATA III (6Gbps) interface as well as Native Write Acceleration that is a significant step up on the M500 family. Additionally, the M550 is also has lower power consumption than its predecessor, the M500, with a low draw of <3mW while the device is in…

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The Crucial M550 2.5" SSD is truly a premium solid state drive that consistently provides excellent performance that will not leave you disappointed.

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  1. Why would you buy this over the Crucial MX100 Series? Is there any difference?

    • the M550 is their premium line whereas the MX100 series is the more budget-friendly line. It’s like the difference between the Samsung 840 Pro and 840 EVO.

      For most people there won’t be much of a difference, but the M550 should offer increased speed over the MX100.

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