DeepCool Captain 360 Liquid CPU Cooler Review


First taking a look at the radiator itself, we’ll see that it is basically your run of the mill radiator, sporting an all black design.  It measures 395mm long, or just over 15.5 inches, 120mm wide, and 32mm think. It also has a fin density of 22 fins per inch or 2.54cm, and is surprisingly light due to its aluminum construction.deepcool-captain360-11

Taking a closer look, we did notice that quite a few of the fins did sustain some damage during shipping or packaging, with some being bent or smashed. This is unfortunate, however it shouldn’t effect performance too much, if at all. We’ll have to see during our tests.

It also has drainage spout, which if opened will void the warranty, so this should only be used in rare situations.

The pump is very unique, featuring a clear-tubing which reveals the red liquid inside, as well as a glowing red light that activates with the pump is on load, the whole thing looks like a nuclear-reactor or something from Tony Stark’s Iron Man costume.


Flipping the pump over will reveal the copper-base, which is is completely flat, except circle of screws which hold it in place. Connecting the pump to the radiator is two corrugated plastic tubing, which measures roughly 12″ in length. It isn’t the absolute best tubing we’ve seen, and it can be hard to work with at times, but it is mostly fine.  The pump features a life expectancy of 12,000 hours, and a max speed of 3500RPM.

Rounding out our package is the three included GF120 PWM fans, which feature a range of 600-2200 RPM, and total airflow rating of 273.36CFM, along with a noise rating of 39.3 dB. They also feature Fluid Dynamic Bearing, which is rated for 10,000 hours.


The fan is made up of nine ridged blades, for improved airflow, and feature a wonderful red coloring to match the pump, and the black frame is rubber-coated to limit vibration. The 4-pin power cable is fully braided, and reveals no colored wires at either end, as you’d expect from a premium fan.

All-in-one liquid coolers, while being an incredibly easy way to get to liquid cool your CPU, are also generally boring when it comes to aesthetics, offering not much more than a plain black radiator and pump design. However, the subject of this review seems to breakaway from the norms. DeepCool is a company that specializes in PC cooling and accessories, in addition to CPU coolers they also make power supplies, and some very interesting cases. In this report, we'll be looking at the company's Gamer Storm Captain 360, which is a 360mm All-in-one liquid cooler, with a stylish black and red color-scheme. PACKAGING,…

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DeepCool's offering in the Gamer Storm Captain 360 is definitely a formidable one. This cooler easily offers the best cooling performance we've ever seen.

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  1. im on my 4th rma jus saying they are now sendin me the ex revised version. I would stay clear of the basic 360 captain tbh, especially now they refuse to sell them due to defects.

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