Feeling the Bass With Subpac and Audeze – CES 2015 Update

CES 2015 continues, as we find out first-hand that Subpac is all about that bass, and no treble. We stopped by Subpac’s booth with their headphone partner Audeze and got a demo of their new Subpac S2 tactile bass pad.

CES 2015 Subpac & Audeze-12


The Subpac S2 is their second-generation of their seatback tactile bass system, which transfers low frequencies directly to your body, allowing you to actually feel and experience bass without the need for a loud subwoofer.

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Improvements in the second model include new materials and design for enhanced vibratory field. new optimized tactile transducers for improved accuracy and power efficiency, as well as a new ergonomic shape for maximum contact and longer sessions, and a new 3-point removable strapping system to maintain optimal placement on your chair.

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It also features a slimmer control box with flexible strapping to secure to it to your chair, a flexible control cable for greater ease of placement, Bluetooth 4.0 input with A2DP streaming and a high capacity Li-ion rechargeable runs 8+ hours per charge. There’s also a wearable backpack version, for when on the go.

CES 2015 Subpac & Audeze-4

The pack has a frequency response of 5hz-130hz and also features a pass-through 3.5mm for stereo headphone out. It measures 17″ x 12″ x 1.5″ and weighs just over 5 pounds with the battery.

During our demo, we listened to Come Together by the Beatles and were able to identify the song without actually hearing it through the headphones, based on tactile response alone. The entire experience was amazing and it really added completely new layer to music. We can also imagine this would be great for gaming.

The Subpac S2 is available for pre-order now and is priced at $359.99.


CES 2015 Subpac & Audeze-13

Included in our demo were the Audeze EL-8, which are designed by BMW DesignWorks USA. They come in both open and closed-back models and feature Planar Magnetic technology with Fazor Elements to improve acoustic performance, while its Fluxor Magnetic Structure delivers very high efficiency, and Uniforce Diaphragms promise to dramatically lower distortion.

CES 2015 Subpac & Audeze-14 CES 2015 Subpac & Audeze-9

In our brief demo we found the headphones to perform excellently and provided great bass response and a broad tonal-range. Price will be $699 and availability is listed as “Coming Soon.”

Be sure to check back for more of our extensive CES 2015 coverage!

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  1. I tried out the Subpac S2 recently at Chuck Levin’s Washington Music Center and it is sweet! They have one on display to try out and I liked it so much I ended up buying one. Great job subpac!

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