Noctua NH-D15S D-Type Premium CPU Cooler Review


In comparison to the NH-C14S, we are edged slightly away by the NH-D15S, mainly due to performance. That being said, both CPU coolers provided by Noctua are exceptional! They truly provide exceptional performance that we really can’t say we have seen yet on Technology X by other CPU coolers, and that included AIO liquid coolers.

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While it’ near impossible to be perfect, we understand the every system is different and that it’s totally reasonable that we were able to mount our second NF-A15 PWM fan where we desired due to the motherboard heatsinks. Other than that, installation was very easy, much easier than the NH-C14S. We also found that our system, for reasons that may be unrelated to the the NH-D15S, was not perfectly stable once this CPU cooler was installed. It required a couple of re-installs before we could get our system perfect.

For the above reasons and more, we proudly award Noctua, the NF-A15 and the NH-D15S with our Editor’s Choice Award!


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Here we are again taking another in-depth look at one of the historically well-performing CPU cooler manufacturers, Noctua, and their NH-D15S D-Type Premium CPU Cooler! As you may have seen, we recently reviewed their recent C-Type CPU cooler, the NH-C14S. The NH-D15S is a larger CPU cooler than the aforementioned version, with the intention of making your CPU ice cold, let's see how this cooler performs! If you are looking to compare the NF-D15S to other Noctua CPU coolers, please head on over to here where you read up on Noctua's excellent CPU cooling line up! PACKAGING, PRICING AND SPECIFICATIONS Taking a…

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The Noctua NH-D15S D-Type Premium CPU Cooler provides exceptional performance, especially when a second NF-A15 PWM fan is added.

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