OCZ Vertex 460 SSD Review (240GB) – Great Performance At An Awesome Price!


A primary focus at Technology X is to relate our testing situations and equipment to that of the consumer. All of the components we use for testing and evaluation can be easily purchased at a relatively affordable price. The links provided below can assist in pricing, as well as availability for those of you who may find interest in our equipment.



 PC CHASSIS: Cooler Master CM Strom Stryker Chassis
 CPU: Intel i5-3570K CPU
 CPU COOLER: Corsair H80 CPU Cooler
 POWER SUPPLY: Cooler Master M2 Silent Pro 850W PSU
 SYSTEM COOLING: Cooler Master 3 PC Fans
 MEMORY: Crucial Ballistix Tactical Tracer 1600 MHz
 HBA: HighPoint RocketU 1144C 4 x USB 3.0 20Gb/s


For analytical purposes, Technology X uses benchmark software that is easily accessible for the consumer. Furthermore, our equipment is only “fine tuned” using the SSD Optimization Guide, meaning that CPU clock speeds have not been adjusted. The software we will be using for today’s analysis is typical of many of our reviews and consists of ATTO Disk Benchmark, Crystal Disk Info, Crystal DiskMark, AS SSD, Anvil Storage Utilities and PCMark Vantage.


Crystal Disk Info is a great tool for displaying the characteristics and health of storage devices. It displays everything from temperatures, to the number of hours the device has been powered, and even to the extent of informing you of the firmware of the device.


We can see that OCZ will let us monitor the SSD through its life cycle by the way of SMART attribute identification, and we can also see that the OCZ Vertex 460 SSD is equipped with TRIM. Furthermore, this drive originally came to us with a fair bit of usage on it, but this was due to some initial testing that was performed on the drive as it was part of the first set of drives to be manufactured. As you will see throughout the remainder of the review this usage does not affect the drive’s performance, which says a lot regarding the high-quality build of the OCZ Vertex 460.


ATTO Disk Benchmark is a relatively easy-to-use benchmark tool, which happens to be the benchmark of choice for many manufacturers. ATTO uses compressible data rather than random data, which results in higher performance and thus, higher benchmark scores. In our testing, we have selected the transfer size to range from 0.5KB to 8192KB, and have set the total length of the test to be 256MB.

As we can see above, the Vertex 460 illustrates great performance with initial results of 552 MB/s read and 534 MB/s write. Of course this is testing with compressible data, so lets take a more in-depth look at how the drive performs when we start looking at files that are incompressible or random.

January was quite eventful for OCZ; first finalizing their acquisition by Toshiba, going through a name change to OCZ Storage Solutions and even better yet, releasing their new Vertex 460 SSD. It is quite commendable to persevere through their acquisition, and still be able to produce a drive that is of high quality. Yes, that may be due to new partnerships and some additional assistance, but it is still impressive. OCZ VERTEX 460 SSD (240GB) OVERVIEW The OCZ Vertex 460 SSD is the newest OCZ drive to be released, and is great way to start off 2014. OCZ has specified that…

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A Star Performer!

The OCZ Storage Solutions Vertex 460 240GB SSD is excellent SSD, that comes with a great price point and impressive performance. The Vertex 460 is well deserving of the Technology X Gold Seal Award!

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