Patriot FUEL ion Magnetic Charging Case Add-on Review – Your Last Smartphone Accessory!


If you have one of the above listed devices, we would highly recommend the Patriot FUEL ion Magnetic Charger. Why? The case eliminates the fumbling for a charging cable with the charging base and it provides you with a charge pretty much wherever you need it! In the car, at home, at work or any where. This is easily the last accessory you will ever need to buy for your smartphone


While this case has many perks, we do have a couple of suggestions. Firstly, Patriot does position like Henry Ford, providing you with the Patriot FUEL ion in any color you want, as long as it is grey. We would recommend providing a few other colors, just to give it some ability to be personalized. We also question the structure of the case, we would not feel comfortable recommending this case to someone who is prone to dropping their device frequently. While the Patriot FUEL ion charging case does provide a decent amount of drop protection, we would like to see another case option that provides even more substantial protection.

Patriot FUEL ion Magnetic Charger-11

All in all, thanks to that small gold circle above, the Patriot FUEL ion is truly a phenomenal case and accessory for your smartphone. The ability to just throw your phone on the charger is almost too easy, and to now be able to do it pretty much anywhere, is fantastic! Previously we awarded Patriot with our Innovation award, but we feel really feel that this accessory line up takes it to the next level. Thus, we proudly award Patriot with our Gold Seal of Approval!

Tech X Gold Seal Opt

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