Patriot Viper V360 Gaming Headset Review


To start using the headphones an initial online connection is required to install the required drivers. Instead of supplying an installation disc the quick start card just directs the user to go onto their website to download the driver, a 131mb .zip file. Once downloaded, the program installs just as easily as hoped with the headphones instantly operational upon completion. The program, Viper Audio Center, is a very simple program with nothing more than a master volume control, a L/R fader, and a mic sensitivity control for the mic-in and monitor.


The LED switch toggles the red light located behind the headphone mesh on each side. They give off a powerful red glow that give the headphones a fantastic appearance but don’t serve any performance value, 100% pure aesthetic.


The audio dial works just as anyone would expect, up increases the volume and down decreases it.

The UBR switch, or the Ultra Bass Response, is a big, if not the biggest, selling feature of the Patriot Viper V360 Gaming Headset. The switch turns up the audio bass to a degree yes, but most notably the headphones start shaking around the user’s head. This can be either soothing (like a little massage) or it can be quite annoying. That said, as a feature for gaming this is an absolutely mind blowing addition. When you’re playing a game and all of a sudden explosions start popping up all around you forcing the headphones to rattle on your head they really pull you in the moment. Playing horror games with this monster jumping around a gamer’s noggin is guaranteed to increase the jumps and screams at every startling moment. UBR is a fun fantastic feature for any serious gamer hoping to get full immersion out of any game.


With the microphone stuck in a pretty static position, it comes down to the toggling of the limited mic settings and the changing of the user’s voice to really utilize the mic to its full potential. This microphone is no professional audio recording device, far from it. What you get is an above standard headset microphone when it comes to audio quality and noise cancelling. For a gamer it does everything desired with a much less muffled recording quality than most mics out there. If you want to do some real audio recording though you may want to stay away from this mic and settle on something more geared towards that feature. These headphones were made for gamers, not professional recording studios.


Sporting 7.1 Surround Sound these headphones can push out just about everything a consumer could want. From crystal clear highs to powerful, (and apparently head rattling) lows, these headphones are right there with you. We have listened to all genres of music on the V360’s such as country, classical, rock, instrumental, EDM, and 100% vocals just to name a few.


As well as music, we tested games on these beasts and were pleasantly treated to all the necessary aspects required for a real proper gaming session. We could pick up quiet footsteps creeping up behind us while gun fire and explosions rang overhead. These headphones are perfectly prepared to tackle any task you throw at them. We were highly pleased.


The Patriot Viper V360 Gaming Headset currently runs at $50-$70 retail. For this asking price we couldn’t recommend these monsters any higher. For any gamer these headphones are going to deliver a fantastic, head rattling experience like none other. Guaranteed to pick up all the audio cues thrown its way, these headphones are going to fully immerse you into one great gaming experience.


If we could change one aspect of these headphones it would be the mic arm. If it had just a little play so we could adjust its distance from our mouth it would be perfect. Other than that small gripe, these are an amazing pair of headphones. We highly enjoyed reviewing these headphones and for that reason we are giving it our Editors Choice award!

Tech X Editors Choice Opt

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Feel The Beat! That’s what Viper has said about their new gaming headset and boy did they deliver. The Patriot Viper V360 Gaming Headset is one powerful tool all gamers should have in their arsenal, especially ones begging for full immersion out of any game. Sporting a powerful built-in subwoofer system and 7.1 Surround Sound audio, these headphones are guaranteed to rattle any gamer’s expectations. PACKAGING & DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS Being full-sized headphones the Patriot Viper V360 Gaming Headset is packaged in a large yet gorgeous box rocking dark red overtones and  a front window showing off the headphones located inside. The back…

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With the Patriot V360 Gaming Headphones, you will find that the pricing and amazing sound quality make these headphones a must have for any serious gamer!

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