Pelican Pro Gear Voyager iPad Air 2 Case Review

Often times we are stuck in a position where we wish we had something a little more substantial for our iPad when carrying it out on the road. Whether you use your iPad for school, work or play – a half decent case is necessary. Thanks to Pelican, the brand that has built some of the toughest cases since 1976, you can wrap your iPad air in a case that gives you piece of mind, just in case it does see the ground. Today we are looking at the Pelican Voyager for an iPad Air 2.

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The front of the packaging for the Voyager shows that pelican isn’t hiding anything. The top corners showcase the cases dual layer protection, while the centre of the packaging shows the case on an iPad in its various formations.

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The back of the packaging gives us a prequel to the Voyager’s built-in kickstand. It also goes on to highlight some of the features of the rugged case.

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When we pull the case out of the packaging, you can see that there are two layers. The innermost is a grey rubber, that has a slick feel to it.

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You simply slide your iPad into the grey rubber, then into the black plastic outermost layer, enabling the dual layer protection. This is tested to military specifications to survive those accidental drops and to absorb shocks in order to protect the internal electronics. The way the case is designed it also deflects the energy from the drop away from the device and to keep the screen from surface contact.

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When we flip the case over, we see the built-in kickstand. With some force, you pop open the kickstand and snap it into place.

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This allows you to view the iPad horizontally or more upright, but not vertically.

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The innermost rubber layer is open to your lightning charging port, as well as the speakers, but it also encloses your volume and lock button. Our only real concern regarding this design would be for cellular connectivity. The rubber and plastic layers cover the cellular top, but from our testing we did not see this effecting our cellular connectivity.

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On top of all this protection, the Voyager comes with Pelican’s limited lifetime guarantee, which is no easier to explain then Pelican’s slogan – ‘You break it, we replace it … forever!’. For all of this, you can pick it up on Amazon for $79.95, which is less than equivalent cases of similar protection.


We were very impressed with the Pelican Voyager for our iPad Air 2. The abundance of protective features in conjunction with its sleek design makes it a perfect companion for your iPad, or your iPad Mini, iPhone or Samsung smartphone. We encourage you to take a look at their website for more details.

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Our only recommendation to Pelican would be to take away that slick feel to the inner rubber layer. We found that while holding the case, there wasn’t much to keep it from easily slipping out of your hands.

We would recommend the Pelican Pro Gear Voyager for anyone looking to keep their iPad in tip-top shape, whether you may be a but clumsy or just extra cautious! The Voyager is well deserving of our Editor’s Choice award!


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