Phanteks Releases New Enthoo Mini XL and Coolers – CES 2015 Update

Next up on our extensive CES schedule is Phanteks, which is a well known company in the enthusiast PC cooling and case markets. Phanteks has always impressed us year after year with their new products and this year is no different.



The first of the new products we took a look at is the Enthoo Mini XL, which is a direct desendent  of Phanteks’ origonal Enthoo Primo case, which was the first in their now continuing line of premium and affordable cases. What makes this case different is that it is a mid-tower case which only supports Mini-ITX or Micro-ATX motherboards.


In fact, Phanteks also makes a Mini-ITX addon kit which enables you to fit both a MicroATX or Mini-ITX motherboard as well as additional Mini-ITX motherboard, complete with slots for dedicated graphics cards for both systems. Allowing you to effectively have two computers in one. If you decide to forgo the extra system, then you have additional space for a completely water-cooled Mini-ITX system.

Phanteks has told us this case is available now and can be had for a price of $139.



We also got to take a look at some of their new coolers, including the PH-TC14S shown above which is a 140MM cooler which promises to have full support with high-profile RAM without interference. and near-silent operation It is priced at $49.

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