PNY CS1311 SSD Review (480GB) – An Easy HDD to SSD Upgrade!


If you are looking for a value SSD that provides decent performance, and want an easy way to migrate from your old HDD to a speedy SSD, than we highly recommend the PNY CS1311! This is an excellent option for a boot drive or for storage of your photos and videos.

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Pricing is very fair and consistent with market value for other SSD’s of similar performance. The only thing we would liked to have seen is slightly more consistent test results.

However, when it comes down to everyday usage, you really aren’t going to notice the difference. In fact, if you are migrating for the first time from a HDD to a SDD, you will notice a huge difference. Also with the accompanied Acronis migration software, it would make your life a breeze! For all of this and more, we award PNY with our Silver Seal Award!

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You may recall that earlier this week we posted a review of the PNY CS2211 SSD, specifically designed for gamers and enthusiasts. Today we are looking at the simpler consumer drive the PNY CS1311 SSD, designed to make upgrading from the lagging HDD a breeze. As PNY explains, this drive is an excellent option for replacing a hard drive, a secondary drive for photo and video storage and as a boot drive. Let's dig in! SSD SPECIFICATIONS & PRICING Knowing that this drive is the little brother to the CS2211, we expect to see speeds a tiny bit lower, but in…

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If you are looking for a solid performer and an excellent option for upgrading your boot drive, look no further than the PNY CS1311 SSD!

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