PNY CS2211 SSD Review (480GB)


As you can see from our testing, the PNY CS2211 is an exceptional drive for tuning up your gaming computer, it is highly recommended for any gamer looking for a storage device for all of their games, or even as their OS drive.

PNY CS2211 4

Frankly, the drive performs nearly on par with the listed specifications, which is what we like to see. The slight drop in performance we saw near the end of our testing is negligible in a real-world environment and will not affect your gaming performance in the slightest.

Creating a solid performing drive that can easily be migrated to, and doesn’t break the bank is a feat hard to accomplish. However, it is one that PNY has successfully accomplished. Pairing the PNY CS2211 with data migration software is an excellent means to help consumers finally move away from the sluggish HDD mindset and to quicker lifestyle. For all of this and more, we highly recommend the PNY CS2211 as your quick and easy upgrade for any PC and proudly award PNY with out Gold Seal of Approval!


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