PQI Air Cam Wi-Fi Sports Camera Product and Video Review – Sport Cameras Become Affordable

Before we get to the meat and gravy of our testing, we wanted to take a few still pictures from the camera itself. Here are a series of five pictures taken with the camera in different scenarios.

PQI Air Cam Example 1

The first picture was taken in our front entrance and we wanted to display the color and saturation possible with the Air Cam.  All pictures are full resolution and clicking on any picture will bring up a high resolution copy.

PQI Air Cam Sample 2

This picture was taken from the vehicle on a cloudy day.  We were actually very impressed with the greens as the overcast put a damper on things.

PQI Air Cam Sample 3

This picture was taken in Old Queenston.  This is a first hand view of where the Battle of 1812 took place.


This is a first shot of the bikes at the Old Printing House in Queenston.  If your not a lover of that fish-eye effect, it can be seen here on the right side of the picture and is a given with a 170 degree view.


Last but not least, here is a picture through the view of the PQI Air Cam and of the Air Cam Sport Case.


As we had shown earlier, the Air Cam packaging includes a vehicle mount (with adhesive base) as well as a bike mount that can be used for mountain biking, racing, or even on a motorcycle. For our specific needs, we rely exclusively on RAM mounts and had to make a bit of a modification to fit this to the motorcycle as the included bike mount would allow for a level (and low to the ground) camera shot.  For our purposes, we stuck the adhesive mount to an old IPOD RAM mount.  This allows us to reposition the camera just about anywhere on any angle.

On motorcycle


  1. I want to know the camera’ video resolution is not high, some action camera like blackview DV800B 2.7K camera: 2560*1080/30fps,2304*1296/30fps,1080P/60fps…

  2. Hi,

    Could I mount this camera on a ski pole? with the accessoiries that came with the camera?

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