PQI Air Card Video Review – Instantly Stream Sport Piks and Video to Your Smart Phone

Sometimes as tech geeks we tend to overlook the little things. Such was the case when we received a few items from PQI this week that included their new AirCam Sports Camera, PQI Air Drive and the product we are looking at today, the PQI Air Card. The PQI Air Card replaces the SD card of your camera or multimedia device, allowing you to stream pictures and video directly to your smart phone for instant viewing, via free mobile PQI mobile software.

PQI AirCard Exterior FrontCard BackThe PQI Air Card is an SD card that can house a microSD card and is fully WiFi capable, allowing up to three devices to connect simultaneously.  Specifications for the PQI Air Card list its maximum capacity to be a 32GB class 6 microSD card, however, we are using the Patriot LX 64GB class 10 microSD card without any difficulty whatsoever.

PQI Air CardPatriot LX 64GB microSD CardThe definite ‘plus’ of the PQI Air Card is that there is really no setup required and it is capable of instant sharing right off the hop. The PQI Air Card is available with different included microSD card capacities and prices start at $62.

On motorcycle

A perfect example of the benefit to such a device is through sport activities such as motorcycle travel.  We stream video from our mounted PQI Air Cam and both can stream it directly to our Samsung Galaxy Note II smartphones as soon as the video is complete.  If we like the video, it can be downloaded directly to the phone right then and there.

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