Reeven Four Eyes Touch Fan Controller – Change At Your Finger Tips

Performance & Gaming Suitability

We really like the Four Eyes Touch for the fact of how simplistic and useful it is. To start on the bottom right touch screen is the colour change button. You can switch from 7 colours including blue, red, and green. Our favourite was the red setting because of how well it matched the rest of our build. Each Roman Numeral has a spot for one fan and one temp sensor. Temperature can be switched from Fahrenheit to Celsius with the touch of the bottom left button.

  1. Ambient Temperature with Cooler Master 120mm fan
  2. CPU temperature with Cooler Master 120mm fan
  3. GPU temperature 1 with Cooler Master 120mm fan
  4. GPU temperature 2 with Reeven Euros 120mm fan

We pumped all of our fans to max to see how the controller could handle. We were very happy to see the Reevan 120mm Euros fan exceed max specs at 60 RPM above max. Not only did the Euros impress us but our other three 120mm fans absolutely rocked. One issue the Polariz had was a power to fans problem and not starting up once turned off. This problem has since been rectified with the Four Eyes Touch. The FET had no issues powering off and up with all fans accelerating quickly and efficiently.

We tried to switch the fans and temperatures around to see if we could fool the Reeven Four Eyes Touch into not working as intended. As you may have already guessed this was to no avail. As far as the gaming community is concerned, we are really excited at the positive effects the FET will have. If frame rates are stalling due to heat issues, all you need to do is hit a button and jack up fan air flow to increase cooling.

Final Thoughts

We are very impressed to see the difference between the Polariz and Reeven’s Four Eyes Touch fan controllers. Not only is this product very functional and useful, but its simple and aesthetically pleasing. Gamers will find this product handy when needing more airflow and when necessary, turn the fans down to conserve power and noise when cooling is not needed.


  • 7 RGB colours to match internal and external lights
  • Very simple and easy to use
  • Open concept makes wiring easy and more space to work
  • Compatible with other fans


  • Very handy but not a necessity for $42.99 USD
  • Would like to see more colours to match other companies RGB

For a Price of $42.99 USD the Reeven Four Eyes Touch is a buy for the air cooling consumer. The Reeven Euros 120mm fan is also a very good budget buy for $13.90 USD, however we would like to see a better anti vibrating buffer like rubber instead of plastic. The FET has earned our silver seal for positive improvement in addition to the Euros 120mm fan earning our bronze seal for budget pricing and exceptional functionality.


Earlier we looked at the Reeven Polariz fan controller which earned a silver seal for its performance in our recent review. Today We are going to be checking out Polariz's close brother the Reeven Four Eyes Touch (FET).We are very interested to check out some similarities and differences between the two controllers. Reeven was also kind enough to provide us with a 120 mm Euros fan to put to the test. Unboxing Reeven took care while packing all of the contents within the box. All the cables were tied neatly with twist ties and the fan controller was encased with…

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If you are looking for an extremely simple and effective fan controller in addition to a budget fan that exceeds performance, look no further!

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