Samsung WB800F Smart Camera Review – A Proficient Pocket-Sized SuperZoom For Under $300

Point-and-shoots almost seem like a last option while shopping for cameras nowadays, while phone cameras constantly improve optics and quality. It’s tough to compete in a market so saturated with endless high and low end fixed lens options. This generation of point-and-shoot cameras needs a few things to compete with the onslaught, such as excellent optics, wireless connectivity – and they have to be easy to use.

Samsung WB800F Smart Camera front

Samsung does a great job with their WB800F Smart Camera, implementing most of those features in an innovative way. Cramming a   1/2.3″ BSI CMOS sensor with a 21X optical zoom with an exceptionally high 16.3 megapixel count, Samsung manages to offer a decent amount of specs for $269 while coming in cheaper than the competition. We will see just how much value you can get out of the WB800F at its modest price-point.


The packaging couldn’t be any simpler. The tiny box holds the Samsung WB800F Smart Camera, rechargeable battery, 1 AC wall adapter with removable USB micro cable, wrist strap, warranty information, and a quick start guide. A screen protector would have been an ideal addition, but overall a satisfying slew of accessories.

samsung wb800f smart camera specifications

The WB800F starts at $269; a relatively cheap price for a camera with superzoom and excellent wireless connectivity. It comes available in three colour choices: white, red, or cobalt black (navy blue in reality). The WB800F should fit in any larger pocket without much hassle sizing in at 4.19” (W) 2.35” (H) 0.92” (D). The body feels solid enough, weighing in at 237g with battery and memory card inserted.

Samsung WB800F Smart Camera colours

In terms of touch, the camera feels a little strange to hold – not because of a design flaw, but due to the plastic body and grip having a slick feel. With that said, not once did the WB800F slip, or feel like it would for that matter. The body contours nicely to while shooting for long periods of time, and the lens is also the same lens featured in the Samsung Galaxy Camera that Technology X got to play with at CES earlier this year.

Samsung WB800F Smart Camera front zoom

Aesthetically, the Samsung WB800F Smart Camera looks great, especially in white. The plastic grip has enough texture to offset the plain matte finish, and the silver rings contrast the frame and lens perfectly, making the design pop. Speaking of that, the lens itself is a Samsung 21x zoom, f = 4.1 – 86.1mm (23 ~ 483mm equivalent). It’s an all-around adequate lens for most situations, but quality isn’t always guaranteed when it comes to dim lightings. Some photos look washed-out, dull, and flat. The WB800F also has some problems when it comes to distances. Even while setting the focal length to infinity and manually controlling the camera, we couldn’t get a good shot of the moon. RAW is additionally lacking for this and many of the current generations of superzooms (we will come back to that later when comparing the camera to the competition).

Samsung WB800F Smart Camera back top

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