Sennheiser Adidas Sports OCX 685i Headset Quick ‘Heads On’ Review

Up on the bench today is a Sennheiser’s OCX 685i headset for review, a headset that is lightweight and adjustable and we guarantee has gotten a thorough true testing,  through our gym and outdoor training.

The headset package includes an optimum cable routing clip, three sets of ear adaptors that enable a personalized fit, a set of diaphragm guards (with tool) and storage tote which comes in handy when not in use.  Sennheiser considered consumer need very carefully when putting this package together.

OCX 685i Picture

The volume control, when connected to an iPhone with the VoiceOver activated, allows one to accept phone calls if so inclined. Shown on the left of our picture above, this control enables your selection of songs as well as increasing or decreasing of volume.

The earhook design is adjustable and provides for a secure fit while you obtain clear sound from the ear canal fitting adaptors.Through ten days of use, some of which included typical Niagara, Canada inclement weather, we found that the Sennheiser OCX 685i’s were secure and comfortable through rain and our remaining Canadian snowfront, while providing me with a clear uninterrupted listening experience.  I also found the advertised noise isolation to be sufficient with amazing sound quality.

Sennheiser Adidas Sports OCX 685i headsets are available in black or white and  available at Amazon for about $62.

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