SensoGlove Review – Correcting Your Golf Swing One Finger At A Time!

You will notice that on the screen there is a number below the little hand. This number indicates the sensitivity level. A higher level of sensitivity is required for more delicate shots, such as chipping and putting. Whereas a lower sensitivity is required for grips that require more pressure, like your drives off the tee.

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The SensoGlove features a standard watch battery that is listed to give you between 80 to 100 hours of play! Even better yet, if you wear out your glove, you can just snap the computer out of the glove and into a new one! SensoGlove has their price listed at $89.00 for the glove, with the computer, or simply $22.48 for the glove itself. They also a value pack, which gives you a glove and computer for each hand for $132.94. Our quick review of Amazon shows us that you can purchase a single glove for as low as $76.99. This is a fairly decent price for this golfing accessory, as it is one of the few on-glove monitoring tools that provides instant feedback. For men, the glove is available in sizes ranging from small to extra large, and for ladies small to large.



The SensoGlove is really good idea this holiday season for that golfer that has pretty much everything. Our test trials proves that it is like having a virtual coach standing behind you monitoring every swing, drive, chip and putt. The glove feels extremely comfortable and appears to be quite durable for multiple practice rounds or while hitting a bucket of balls at the range.


Upon reading the owner’s manual, we found out that the SensoGlove is not waterproof. This is something that glove certainly lacks on, as it limits a golfers practice to days where there is only sunshine. However, it is advertised that the glove is sweat proof. We also would have liked to have seen a mute button for the audio, while we enjoyed the instant feedback there isn’t always the need for constant beeping if we gripped the club a little too far past our appropriate grip pressure. One last recommendation we could make, is to integrate Android and iOS software with the SensoGlove’s computer. We believe that by having Bluetooth connectivity with your smart phone, you would be able to record the pressure readings from your practice round and review it later on to see if your grip changed on average throughout the round and further how it affected your score.

All this aside, the glove is an excellent idea and a sure fix for anyone with grip issues. It comes with a price tag that won’t break your bank and it will sure excite all of those who are anxiously awaiting to pull their clubs out! We eagerly award the SensoGlove with our Silver Seal of approval!

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We all know that stories don't always have a happy ending and when it comes to golfing, that magical story land adventure ends for most of us as soon as the fall hits ... or when it becomes too cold (unless you are lucky enough to be south for the winter and can reap golf benefits year round). Either way, for those of you who sit and watch the Golf Channel all winter and await your first tee time somewhere in the spring, you see ads and ads flash by your TV promising you that it can take 5 strokes off…

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The SensoGlove is an accurate representation of an easy way to integrate technology into sports, and better yet, help your golf game. This simple device accurately monitors your grip pressure and provides you with instant audio and visual feedback. We would like to have seen some more options for connectivity, especially in regards to syncing with a smartphone.

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