Thermaltake Unveils Liquid Cooling and New Core Chassis – Computex 2014 Update

So we figured we would be just checking out the soon to be released Titanium Limited Edition Level 10 Chassis that so many have been drooling over as of late on our visit to Computex this year.  Shannon Rob had other ideas in mind…

Level 10

It seems that Thermaltake is entering the world of cooling in a big way, especially considering the size of this 540mm beauty:

Triple Fan 540

Shannon made a point of noting that this massive rad isn’t all just good looks and fans.  It just may have a very practical application down the road.

Wall Coolers

This wasn’t the only cooling equipment though as their new coolers stretched the length of a wall, finishing off with their Water 3.0 Extreme line:

WaterExtreme Series

A bit of custom work was also on display as we can see with this Core v71 in an amazing orange hive pattern design:

Core V71

Also on display was the new Core VI mini-ITX case that will come in at around $50.  Thermaltake has designed this case as a windowed chassis where components can be configured very easily through its manner of disassembly.

Core VI

You may have noticed the liquid cooling within this system but did you notice the 120mm fan on the front?

Core VI Fan

Without a doubt, our visit to the Thermaltake booth showed one thing very clearly, Shannon and the Thermaltake team mean business.  We are certain that we will see some great things in upcoming months and, well, we are already wondering just where that monster cooler is going.  Here is one last look at a great build in the Thermaltake Core V71 chassis:

Core V71 Custom


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  1. That Core VI mini itx box looks pretty cool. I really want to build a small media pc for the living room and I just dont like any of the cases currently available. Who knows, maybe by the time this is available I wont like it anymore either.

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