Viper RGB Gaming Mousepad Review

Final Thoughts

What we have here is an extremely good accessory to gaming. Depending on what kind of surface you are efficient with, will dictate which one to buy. The gamer looking for the surface with great speed in regards to mouse movements will be happy with this. Viper also goes a step further to add some RGB color to match any system through means of their in line controller. Coming in at a very manageable $39.99 USD we can confirm the Viper mousepad earned a silver seal. 


In all peripheral set ups, mouse pads or mouse surfaces are an extremely important. These surfaces can be designated into two categories, Hard surface and soft surface. Today we are going to take a gander at Patriot Viper's new RGB hard-surfaced mouse pad. Packaging and Contents Shipped in a small flat box we have Viper's cleverly packaged mouse surface. This mouse pad comes enclosed in plastic and is sealed with adhesive to prevent ingress of any foreign substances. You can see an interesting design here with the RGB stripping on the perimeter of this mouse pad. We also see a semi…

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Packaging and Contents

Speed Surface

Viper's hard polymer design makes this a must buy for speed seekers.

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