In Win 303 C Review – Mid Tower Powerhouse?

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Where do we start here? Should we talk about how In Win created a powerful chassis that meets and exceeds the three things that usually come to a consumers mind. The 303C is a very affordable choice coming in at a fair price of $89.99 USD. This chassis provides a second to none use of space for a mid tower, even with an inverted PSU. As far as airflow is concerned, the bottom to top flow of air really gives this chassis an extra push to send it right into the gold seal category. In the fan department, our In Win Polaris fans slide into the silver seal area due to their great lighting, awesome ability to daisy chain and silent but effective cooling. We would recommend these products to anyone in the business of building a hardcore gaming rig without the huge spacial requirements a full tower has.


When you think of mid tower chassis what usually comes to mind? Affordability, good use of space, and functionality are the first few things we can think of. In Win's new 303C is going to be put to the test as well as three of their new silent Polaris RGB fans. We haven't been let down to date with In Win products and we doubt this will be an exception. Lets get into it! Packaging, Contents, and Pricing Our large box of In Win presents came partially damaged due to postal service. Luckily, In Win thinks ahead of the curve…

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There is so much to like in this chassis all i can do is say this may be one of the best mid tower chassis available. In Win really gave us something to smile about.

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