XFX R7 370 4GB Double Dissipation Graphics Card Review


Starting with the input and output panel, you can see that the XFX R7 370 4GB Double Dissipation graphics card features a HDMI (4096 x 2160), one DisplayPort (4096 x 2160), two DVI ports (DVI-D and DVI-I at 2560 x 1600) for your convenience.

XFX R7 370-7

Opposite of the PCI Express 3.0 x16 connector, you will find the 6-Pin PCIe power connector ports, as well as a single Crossfire slot.

XFX R7 370-1

The XFX R7 370 has a basic black design on the top and a straightforward black PCB.

XFX R7 370-2

This card features two concepts for cooling, which is evident in their design. The first is Ghost Thermal 3.0, which utilizes optimized fin arrays and lengthen heat pipes. The second is Double Dissipation, which features Dual 90mm IP-5x fans and optimized BIOS fan profile to lower the overall noise level, which is said to lower noise by on average 7dB while 3d rendering. However, we did find this card to be a little louder than expected.

XFX R7 370-10


  1. Wow, the card is too old for today’s use. That is why I always read comments like “Nvidia is much better”. Surely, this is because AMD GPUs are very power hungry and old.
    I nany case, I am still thinking of this card for my computer, pc24.de offers it for as much as 155 euros, so it’s not a costly option.

  2. Just installed it….headset next,,.. Remains to be seen and discussed….

  3. So far..??? Seems no better than the HD-6770 I pulled out ???
    Does it matter ..on the connections…which one I use for my monitor ?? I’m on the lower one now…Will try the top one later… Busy now..

  4. por favor si me pueden ayudar…. me compre AMD radeon r7 370 4gb xfx.
    al arrancar la CPU solo gira 1 coolers de la tarjeta, quiero saber si es un fallo o tiene q ser asi.

  5. i just got a new one today for us $85

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