Zalman VE350 External HDD Case and Virtual Drive Review


Crystal Disk Benchmark is visually straightforward, and is used for measuring the speeds at which your storage device reads and writes in both compressible (oFill/1Fill) and random, mostly incompressible, data. Random data is more consistent with everyday use of a computer, such as transferring videos, pictures and music. We run the benchmark twice, using oFill data first, and then proceeding to test with random data. Since results typically return with nearly identical scores, we only include the results for random data samples.

Zalman VE350 Benchmarks and Software 3

Again we see results very similar to that of which we saw with ATTO. The VE350 only limits the SSD to USB 3.0 technology throughout.


AS SSD Benchmark uses incompressible data in their testing of SSDs, essentially providing results that would be consistent with using the heaviest workload, thus lower speeds are expected. Transfer speeds (MB/s) are seen in the left picture below and IOPS (Input/Output Operations Per Second) are on the right.

Zalman VE350 Benchmarks and Software 5 Zalman VE350 Benchmarks and Software 4

Zalman VE350 Benchmarks and Software 6

With AS SSD, we see results slightly different than we have seen before, as the read speeds come in slightly lower than prior testing. We also see here that 4K performance is half of that of SATA III and the access time is much higher than as well.


Anvil Storage Utilities is essentially an all-in-one tool for all of your SSD benchmarking needs. Anvil can be used for basic consumer testing, as well as endurance testing and threaded I/O read, write and mixed tests. It displays data regarding the SSD, and even about your system.

Zalman VE350 Benchmarks and Software 7

Once we come back to Anvil Storage Utilites, everything is right back on track at near 5 Gb/s USB 3.0 speeds.

Today we have the privilege of taking a close look at the Zalman VE350 External HDD case and virtual drive enclosure. This sleekly designed enclosure is a great option for quick back up or serving as an option for your optical disk drive (ODD) replacement. Zalman entered the technology industry in 1999 and quieted down the noisy environment with their quiet computing solutions, let's see how they fair in the storage market. PACKAGING, PRICING AND AVAILABILITY The packaging for the VE350 is enticing, with both colors displayed on the front of the box, with a quick snapshot of the details.…

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The Zalman VE350 is a great addition to your PC arsenal, and it makes quick use of that old HDD or SSD that you have kicking around!

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