Swann Xtreem Gravity Pursuit Video Drone Review


The controller itself has your average remote-control electronic look, with two joysticks found on each side of the controller, and the standard on-off power switch directly in the middle. At the very bottom of the controller there is a non-backlit, black and white screen that displays signal strength, battery life, trim indicators, throttle percentage and direction. We will be honest, you almost never look at the bottom of the controller, your focus is always on the drone, read on to find out why.

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On the left side of the controller, there are three other buttons, the top allows you to swap between normal and accelerated speed, the middle (near the on/off switch) affects rotation trim, and the bottom lets you shoot video or take photos. The left joystick only features spring loaded tension for left and right movements. The up and down function (throttle) will not bounce back to the middle.

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On the right side of the controller, the same can be said, the top control will have the drone do a 360 degree flip, the middle control (near the on/off switch) affects movement trim and the bottom lets you affect sideways trim. (We will touch on trim more in the “Flying” subsection. The right joystick is spring loaded, bouncing back into place after being pushed up, down, left and right.

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Similar to the drone, the controller has a young and childish feel to it (and were not saying that is a bad thing). It has the same red, white and blue color scheme over top of its hard plastic shell. On the backside of the controller, you will find the 4 AA battery compartment.

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This part is easy and a little disappointing, there are none. To be fair, some of the more expensive, more elaborate, and photography-intense drones have iOS and Android functionalities. Is this am imperative feature? Not necessarily, but we feel that it would have been a nice add-on, possibly to show a live-view from the HD camera.

One of the biggest and quickly rising trends we have seen in the past couple of years, especially at the Consumer Electronic Show, has been 'Drone-This' and 'Drone-That'. Even this past holiday season may have brought you your own four-prop, remote-controlled, 1080p capturing, flying machine. Today, Technology X has the privilege of reviewing the Swann Xtreem Gravity Pursuit 1080p Video Drone. DESIGN Let's begin with the packaging. The front of the box is rather revealing, showing you the drone on its side, with the controller immediately to its right. You will also see some of the specifications listed to the…

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The Swann Xtreem Gravity Pursuit Drone is a fun quadcopter that gives you quick, but also sporadic movements. While this drone is agile and speedy, control is not the easiest, especially at greater heights. This drone is recommended for a younger generation looking for some quick movements just off the ground.

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