Polar Welcomes Wrist-Based Heart Rate Monitor

Polar has recently unveiled an upgrade to their A360 line, now incorporating heart rate monitoring. The Polar A360 is a colourful alternative to other heart rate/fitness tracking wearables, such as the FitBit Charge HR.

Polar A360 3

“The key to achieving Polar’s well-known accuracy relies on how data is recorded by the sensor, and then how it is interpreted. We developed our own algorithm for optical heart rate monitoring and optimized the hardware design to ensure the A360 meets the same accuracy and quality standards that Polar customers have come to expect,” says Marco Suvilaakso, Global Product Director at Polar. “Polar created the first heart rate monitor, and 38 years later we continue to be the trusted industry standard.”

Polar A360 2

Contrasting the FitBit Charge HR, the Polar A360 displays information on a high-resoltuion color touchscreen. Similarly, the Polar A360 is available is Powder White, Charcoal Black, Neon Green, Sorbet Pink and Navy Blue.

Polar A360 1

On a full charge, the Polar A360 is capable of tracking activities 24/7 for two weeks. This is accounting for one hour of training per day as well. You can use the color touchscreen to keep track of all this information, or you can also head over to the Polar Flow mobile app. Here you can see your daily activity, steps, calories, workouts and sleep all within an in-depth analysis.

The Polar A360 will be available in November 2015 with a MSRP of $199.95.


  1. ” The Polar A360 will be available in November 2014…”

    Going back in time again are we?

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