RPNB RP19002 High Capacity Multifunction Biometric Gun Safe Review

If you are a handgun owner, ‘safe’ storage of your firearm is as important as your ability to carry and shoot a handgun properly.  Too often we read about children killed, the result of a handgun too easily available to them in the home.  Similarly, if one has to use deadly force to protect themselves, they want to know that they have quick access to whatever means is necessary to preserve their life and that of their loved ones.  Even if you don’t own a gun, security of money and valuables in the home or office is something that shouldn’t be taken for granted.  To that end, we are taking a close look at the RPNB RP19002 High Capacity Multifunction Pistol Safe with Biometric Fingerprint Reader.

The RP19002 is a dual cabinet safe that is constructed of 5 sheets of 3mm thick steel, along with a sliding bottom solid one-piece metal drawer…all pieces being welded together.  It’s top panel and bottom drawer can open through key, code or fingerprint. Once closed, the hardened steel is pry-proof and nobody is gaining access; there are no nuts or bolts in this build.

For initial access, there are two sets of keys.  One set will open the top, while the other can be used from the inside to open the bottom drawer.  In addition, either drawers can be opened separately by simply entering a code on the left side of the biometric reader for the top drawer, or a code on the right side for the bottom drawer.  Both compartments cannot be opened through a single code entry (or fingerprint) which is something we might like to see.

Dead center is the biometric reader that can hold up to 20 fingerprints. Since receipt of the RP19002, we have used the biometric reader well over a hundred times and have learned a bit of a trick.  This unit permits up to 20 fingerprints in storage at any one time.  If you simply program in one fingerprint, we found that the safe would only recognize that print about 70% of the time the first time, and 100% on the second attempt. The trick is to program the same finger 3-5 times.  Doing that ensures access about 99% of the time on that all too important first fingerprint attempt.

On both sides of the RP19002 are thick plastic endcap carrying handles that also serves as shock protection, should the unit be dropped for some reason. Make no mistake though, under these plastic end pieces are welded 3mm sheets that provide incredible security of your guns and valuables.

When you first open the RPNB RP19002, you will find both sets of keys, an owners manual and screws to secure the safe to the floor. The manual is very straight forward and something that is not found anywhere on the internet, is the fact that there are two holes on the bottom metal plate for securing the safe.  The only way to screw them in is on one heck of an angle after the bottom drawer is removed.  Fortunately, they are hex screws and a hex wrench is provided but marking and drilling pilot holes for this project is a must.

We might have preferred two additional top holes through the mid plate that is the bottom of the top drawer and would enable use of a straight or electric driver.

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