Cougar Sponsors Mad City $10,000 Chicago CS:GO Open

Cougar Gaming is announcing sponsorship of the 2018 Mad City $10,000 Chicago CS:GO Open.  The event is being held 3/9 through 3/11 at Chicago Gaming Coalition #1 in St. Charles, IL.  This is the first of several events that are the result of Cougar’s recently announced sponsorship agreement with N3rd Street Gamers (NSG) that will bring Cougar state-of-the-art gaming gear to participants at this and future events.

These events will be geared toward some of the currently most popular games, and will again demonstrate Cougar’s ongoing commitment to the gaming community.  This event will be a prime opportunity for Cougar to strut its latest FPS-focused stuff.

The Mad City $10,000 Chicago CS;GO Open venue is Chicago Gaming Coalition #1 in The Mega Center @Pheasant Run Resort, 4051 E. Main St., St. Charles, IL 60174.  It runs from 3/9 through 3/11, with hours of 11:00 AM to 8:00 PM each day.

You can view all Cougar / NSG event info here.


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