Alex Stevens

As a long time PC enthusiast and Gamer, he has a very discriminating taste and high expectations when it comes to PC hardware.

AMD A10 7870K CPU Review – Welcoming Competition!

The A10-7870K is not any version of Carrizo. It relies on the same Steamroller cores as Kaveri, hence the title ‘Kaveri Refresh’, and is the same architecture as Kaveri. This is the “big daddy” of Kaveri, nicknamed Godvari by enthusiasts, since this is the highest clocked and best binned APU available on the market today. The A10 7870K is very …

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Sapphire R9 380 Nitro 4GB Graphics Card Review

Sapphire has long been known as one of AMD’s best GPU partners, making some very incredible cards in the past like the Toxic 290X, which was one of the best cards available. Today we have Sapphire’s R9 380 Nitro 4GB card, a value oriented card using a value oriented GPU, seems like a nice match lets see how well it …

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Gigabyte F2A88X-UP4 AMD Motherboard Review

Gigabyte Motherboard FM2+ A88x UP4

Thanks to our friends at AMD we are glad to bring you a Gigabyte A88X UP4 Motherboard Review. This board came with our test kit of the AMD A8 7650K APU which was a pleasant surprise thanks to our experiences in the past with other Gigabyte boards like the Z97X UD3-BK and the X99-UD3P so naturally we have some high expectations, does …

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AMD A8 7650K APU Review – The Little APU That Could!

Oftentimes we will get people asking us about building a gaming PC on a budget, with the ability to upgrade in the future. Well today we will be bringing you our AMD A8 7650K review, which is priced aggressively and certainly packs a punch. This APU can be used in a variety of ways, like a low budget gaming PC with …

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Best of Steam Summer Sale 2015 – Weekend Specials

With the Annual Steam Summer sale upon us, and with how complicated navigating the store page can be we wanted to give you all the highlights of the sale. DAILY DEALS (LASTS TILL 1PM EST SUNDAY 6/21) DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE  50% off (24.99 USD, 27.49 CAD, 24.99 EUR)  Although the deal isn’t amazing, its a Dragon Ball fighting game, really what more …

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GTA V – Hardware Round Up and Performance Testing

We’ve spent a great deal of time here at Technology X testing a variety of different hardware on this game. We go through lengths to come up with every different type of test we could to get an idea of what makes a difference in this game. So you may have already purchased the game, and are curious if an …

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AMD Sheds Details On HBM Powered GPU & OEM GPUs

Yesterday at their financial analyst day, AMD CEO Dr. Lisa Su presented an update on AMD’s graphic business. Since AMD has already previously discussed their technology roadmaps over the next two years earlier in this presentation, we will get straight into the new stuff. Although AMD failed to mention it in their GPU roadmap, it was finally confirmed by Dr. Lisa Su …

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