In Win Rocker Mat Aluminum Gaming Surface Review – A Glass Alternative With Unique Features

When we think of In Win, PC cases are typically the first things we relate the name to. The company recently showcased the unique glass Tou chassis at Computex 2013, as well as the D-Frame at CES 2013. Many other items produced by In Win took a backseat to the eye-catching D-Frame, one of them being the Rocker Mat.

in win rocker mat gaming surface

The Rocker Mat is an all-aluminum gaming surface  measuring in at 9′ x 12′, and covered by water-tight nano-coating. At $39.99, it also comes in colours of red, purple, blue, orange, pink and yellow. We normally see mousepads made with rubber or fabric, but more creative designs eventually arise, such as the SteelSeries Experience I-2 glass surface. The In Win Rocker Mat is poised to be the next unique gaming surface; we will see if it can live up to its title.


in win rocker mat specs

The standout feature is definitely the nano coating most likely created, at least in part, by In Win. This allows for an easy to clean washable, liquid-resistant surface.

The packaging is a tad lacklustre as it comes in a large document/letter envelope one would use when shipping, and includes nothing extra considering the $40 price tag.. A slightly bulkier box would have been preferred for peace of mind, but it does do the job. The front has the name and branding, as well as the cartoony features and specifications. The ‘O’ in Rocker teases the colour so you can easily pick the flavour you want, which for us is purple.

in win rocker mat gaming surface

The back reveals three of In Win’s other products and their product-page QR codes – the GRone and H-Frame chassis, as well as the Desert Fox PSUs.

in win rocker mat gaming surface

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