Sony’s PlayStation 4 Dominates E3

Even before the show began, Sony went straight for the jugular, one-by-one listing every negative of Microsoft’s XBOX One and promising the PS4 will not follow the same route. It is perhaps one of the rare moments where a console “wins” over all other competitors prior to any of them entering the market.

sony playstation 4 ps4 (3)

Daily activation, dropped support for used games, and region-locking are just some of the few (and confusing) downsides accompanying the XBOX One, and thankfully not hopping over to the PlayStation 4. We got a chance to tour the beautiful Sony booth at E3 and managed to take a few shots of the next-gen console.

sony playstation 4 ps4 (9)

The sleek new design is just one of the few eye-catching features. Be sure to check the rest of the gallery for the full rundown.

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