Steam Box – The Next Little Big Thing


So it’s confirmed that VALVe has teamed up with Xi3 and is in the stages of building a Steam Box – an open-platform computer that will work with Steam’s Big Picture Mode. It will run Linux, but could in theoretically be able to install Windows, taking advantage of your full list of steam games. All we know is Xi3 has confirmed that the “Steam Box” will be based on a prototype codenamed “Piston”, while possibly being released in a series of good, better, best.

X3i piston

VALVe’s presence at CES 2013 was a strange one; essentially closed to the press except for a few lucky members. They had a booth but didn’t answer any questions aside from just basics, like their new partnership with Xi3. Simply put, it was quite a tease. We were still able to meet Gabe Newell for a quick photo op during his two days full of meetings. At least that satisfied the fanboy in us until more information is released about the Steam Box console.

gabe and terry0

gabe and deepak0

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