ASRock Allows DDR4 Memory Overclocking on Non-Z Motherboards

ASRock has made it possible for users to overclock their DDR4 memory modules on chipsets outside of Intel’s Z170, now to include the B150, H170 and H110.

This started as an easter egg feature of their motherboard where you could shop into the BIOS and enable DDR4 OC, which they report grants up to a 30% boost in memory performance, provided you are using certain memory modules.

ASRock NonZ OC 2

Take a look below at the motherboards that currently support this easter egg feature:

H170 Q170 B150 H110
H170 Performance Q170M vPro B150M Pro4 H110M Combo-G
H170M Pro4 B150M Pro4S H110M-HDV
H170M Pro4S B150 Combo H110M-HDS
H170 Combo B150M Combo-G H110M-I
H170A-X1/3.1 B150A-X1 H110M-DGS
H170A-X1 B150M-HDS

This is an excellent, somewhat hidden, feature of their motherboards. Overclocking memory, at the best of times, can be a pain. Especially when you are working towards tighter timings. Being able to quickly upgrade your performance makes life so much simpler, and as a gamer – simpler is what most of us aim for.

ASRock NonZ OC 1

Stay tuned for more from ASRock as Technology X is currently putting one of their boards through the ringer as we type!

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