Well today’s the day and if there is any time of the year to make the jump to SSDs, it’s this morning.  What is an SSD and what can it do for you?  An SSD, or solid state drive, replaces your computers hard drive and makes it faster, quieter, cooler, runs less power and…well let’s face it, it changes the way you do things.  For anybody with a hard drive, time how long it takes to start your computer, or better yet, just go get a coffee.  With an SSD, a 15 second start time is average, or about as long as your first sip of morning java.  So without further adieu, this mornings big sale at Amazon is on the Samsung 850 EVO 1TB SSD which is showing at 50% off right now!


This SSD is without a doubt the most sought after and popular solid state drive on the market today, and with an Amazon 5/5 rating in over 12700 reviews.  How is that for confidence? Our report for this SSD can be found here!

So… if you are not looking to spend that little, or just don’t need that type of capacity, let’s take a look at the SanDisk Plus 480GB SSD.  At 40% off and under $100, this SSD is a great deal and, once again…with a great track record to boot! Check it out!


Ok so let’s now move to the cream of the crop because ANY mention of SSDs would be remiss without the biggest and baddest SSD in the world today, the Samsung M.2 960 Pro SSD.  This SSD is available in 512, 1TB and 2TB capacities.  It is an NVMe solid state drive, the size of a stick of gum and will transfer data speeds at up to a rocketship speed of 3.5GB/s.


There isn’t a person in the world today that knows and understands SSDs that doesn’t speak very highly of this SSD.  It may be a bit more than the average SSD but the investment is worth it!  Our review, of course, garnished this SSD our Editor’s Choice Award!   Amazon Black Friday Price Check!


Ok so…now let’s move to external storage… the Lexar 128GB Jump Drive at $18.99 for the 128GB capacity and $36.99 for the 256GB capacity.  These are dynamite prices for a flash drive with such a high capacity that fits in the pocket.  Amazon Black Friday Price.



If you are looking for a laptop this Black Friday, don’t pass up the Dell Inspiron i7559 for an incredible $729.  We really don’t think you will find another premium laptop anywhere right now that is an i7, has 8GB RAM, 1TB in storage and a NVidia GTX 960m for rocketship graphics!  Amazon Price Check!


Check back throughout the day for new finds!!!

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