Conrad Electronics Releases SOCAM UltiMate Action Camera

With the outdoor/adventure season just a couple months around the corner, one can easily become anxious to fully take advantage of the new gear and technology they acquired over the winter months. Most notably, some of those who received or picked up a new action camera will also be waiting the warmer months to test out their camera, possibly while skydiving or scuba diving. Or for those who are still enjoying the great snowfall we have had this winter, they may be using their action camera in a colder environment while snowboarding down the side of a mountain. For whatever your action camera use may be, it is always intriguing to see what the latest and greatest technology has in store for us. Today, Conrad Electronics SE announced their newest product, the SOCAM UltiMate Action Camera.

Conrad Electronics SOCAM UltiMate Action Camera

Available later on this year, the SOCAM UltiMate action camera will be the first action camera to feature a 330 degree rotatable lens, that would allow you to change the viewing orientation while filming in 1080p high definition.

The SOCAM UltiMate features a user-friendly two button design, WiFi for seemless integration with your iOS device (E.g, iPhone) via the use of their app, and gyro-image stabilization. Additionally the SOCAM UltiMate will also feature various camera modes, such as slow motion (WVGA 120 fps), time lapse, photo burst (16MP 10 fps), video loop and simultaneous photo capabilities while recording video.

The newest action camera soon to be on the market, is expected to released with a large variety of accessories that will further enhance your usability experience with the SOCAM UltiMate, such as a detachable LCD screen, waterproof and multi-colored cases, different camera mounts and a battery extension pack. All of the accessories are planned to be available in March of 2014, except for the diving case, silicon case, LCD screen and Watch (remote control), which are also planned to be released later in Q3 of this year.

Stay-tuned, as Technology X has the privilege of testing driving the newest action camera, and we be providing a full, in-depth review, of the SOCAM UltiMate to follow shortly. For more information on the SOCAM UltiMate, please visit their website here.

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