DDD Renews License Agreement With Lenovo Regarding TriDef 3D Software Used In Growing Range Of 3D PC Products

DDD Group PLC, the 3D solutions company, has renewed the license agreement for its TriDef 3D software with Lenovo, which will use the solution in its growing range of 3D PC products.


Chris Yewdall, chief executive of DDD, said:

“Lenovo is a powerhouse in the PC market and its choice to use TriDef 3D in its growing range of 3D products reinforces DDD’s position as a leader in the 3D market.”

Lenovo is launching a full range of new Win8 All-In-Ones, desktops and monitors during Spring 2013. The TriDef 3D software will be supplied with Lenovo’s 3D PC products including the Lenovo All-In-One B3 and B5 series as well as the X and K series 3D Desktop models, to deliver 3D viewing using simple, lightweight polarized glasses, making it both cost-effective and convenient.


lenovoFollowing the success of its earlier 3D PC products, Lenovo launched a nationwide 3D PC and gaming promotion last November in China.

DDD’s TriDef 3D automatically converts DVD movies, video and photo files from 2D to 3D. It also allows over 750 of the latest 2D PC games to be played in 3D “off the shelf”, even if the game was not specifically developed for 3D. Over 100 of those games are popular Chinese titles.

Almost all 2D games that use DirectX 9, 10 or 11 can be played in 3D with TriDef. Its unique high-performance Power 3D render mode increases the frames per second, making games run smoother and faster while using less power. It is available in 37 languages.

lenovo edge hero

The popularity of 3D gaming is driving sales of 3D PC products in China. Lenovo’s new Win8 3D products enable a huge number of the most popular Chinese and international games to be played in 3D.

To ensure plenty of content for 3D viewing, Lenovo also includes a selection of original, high definition 3D programming available from Yabazam.com, DDD’s 3D entertainment portal.

DDD will continue to receive quarterly royalty revenues from Lenovo based on the volume of 3D PCs shipped.

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