Enermax Teases New Line Of Hardware And Peripherals At CeBIT 2013

Enermax is previewing some of their upcoming products to be featured at this year’s CeBIT computer image001expo in Germany. Enermax will be featuring its latest development, a completely passively cooled power supply among other technologies at the show. In principle, fanless power supplies are nothing new on the market; but Enermax engineers have spent significant R&D resources to release a PSU that will set new benchmarks in terms of performance, quality and design. The 650W prototype comes with a fully-modular cable management system and achieves the 80 PLUS® Platinum efficiency level. It is directed to admirers of silent PC systems and HTPCs as well as enthusiasts who want to have the latest, best-performing hardware for their computers. During the CeBIT show, Enermax will share more information about the new flagship PSU.

Enermax will also be showing an armada of strong gaming cases headed by the new Fulmo ST tower. image002This case extends the flagship Fulmo case series and combines high functionality with a pleasing appearance, robust structure and quality build materials. The forthcoming mid tower is designed for strong workstations and gaming rigs, supporting triple-GPU configurations, 240mm radiators for powerful liquid cooling systems and a sophisticated component management outlay for up to 10 hard disk and solid disk drives. Users profit by a user-friendly design with easy mounting mechanisms for the particular components as well as a comfortable fitting cable management system. Enermax will offer the Fulmo ST in three color versions: Black, White and Gunmetal Grey. Expected market introduction is April of 2013.

After the successful introduction of the DreamBass™ USB audio amplifier at last year’s CeBIT, Enermax image003will now present a new application for the powerful sound solution. As the product is especially designed to improve the sound of notebooks, it is a logical step to integrate DreamBass™ into other accessories for portable computers. Accordingly, the new DreamBass™ cooling pad from Enermax not only improves the heat dissipation of notebooks, but comes with four speakers for a premium full surround-sound experience. Compared to the usual on-board audio chip, the DreamBass™ amplifier provides a well-balanced sound with deep bass tones. It’s therefore the perfect choice for users who like to watch movies, play games or music on their notebook without using headphones. Those who visit the Enermax booth at CeBIT will be able to test the new DreamBass™ cooling pad.

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