EVGA Enters the Desktop Memory Market with New Superclocked DDR3 and DDR4

Graphics card manufacturer, EVGA, has recently entered the desktop memory market, introducing a wide variety of new, competitively priced DDR3, and DDR4 memory kits to the market, which are currently available exclusively at Microcenter (in-store only).


The company, which is new to the DRAM market, has released a total of 10 separate kits under their Superclocked and SuperSC (Super-Superclocked) brands, which include both DDR3, and DDR4 memory-types, and range in  speeds of DDR3-1600-2400MHz, and DD4-2666-2800MHz. They’re available in dual-channel kits of 8GB, and 16GB (DDR3), as well as quad-channel kits of 16GB (DDR4).


Prices are also quite competitive, starting with DDR3 kits starting at $59.99, and DDR4 at $179.99 USD.  All kits also come with a 3-year warranty, which might seem a little short compared to the 5-year to lifetime warranties that are expected with other high-end memory kits.evga_ddr4__ssc-mmemoryThese new kits are definitely targeted toward gamers and enthusiasts, sporting premium, all-black heat spreaders, and matching all-black PCBs. In terms of design, they look very similar to some of G.Skill’s Ripjaws series, which given their popularity, is likely on purpose.

Its really great to see new companies entering this arena, as with DDR4 still being so new, there are still many memory companies which have yet release their own DDR4 memory kits, which has definitely kept competition down, when compared to DDR3. Currently, there’s no telling who’s producing these memory kits for EVGA, but given their size it is unlikely they are producing the memory themselves.

For more information, check out EVGA’s website here.


  1. It would be nice to see them come out with a 8 x 8GB DDR4 kit to go with their X99 Classic motherboard, which supports up to 128GB of memory.

  2. Just bought their DDR3 2x4GB @ 1600 for 50$ bc I do love EVGA. Going to buy another pair to match soon. Looks great in my case and works perfectly. Not planning to OC but trust it would be np. I have their GTX 980 Ti SC+ ACX 2.0 card and it’s monstrous running The Witcher 3 at 1440p Ultra@60 fps/hz With my 4790k @ stock turbo. Also have their 1300W G2. EVGA is the Lucas Oil of the PC component world;

    “If Lucas (EVGA) makes it then it works.”


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