Fluance Announces AV5HTB Home Theatre System

Fluance has announced a new surround sound speaker system designed to make your living room feel just like a movie theater. The AV5HTB Dynamic Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System includes two bookshelf speakers, timbre matched center channel and surround sound speakers. It is constructed with audio-grade ADF wood, allowing for minimal cabinet resonance and distortion, meaning your audio will sound exactly as it was intended. This speaker system includes high performance speakers and premium silk dome tweeters. The dual coaxial tweeters help to ensure that every high note is heard with great quality. The speakers are available with a black ash wood finish, ensuring the finish is as beautiful as the sound.

Fluance-AVHTB 2

If you’re not sure that this is the set for you, Fluance is offering a 30 day risk free in-home trial. Furthermore, the AV5HTB Dynamic Home Theater Surround Sound Speaker System features an industry leading full lifetime parts and labour manufacturer’s direct warranty and is available for $199.99 at Fluance.com.

Fluance-AVHTB 1

Fluance is a North American-based speaker brand that produces high-end home theater speaker systems. Established in 1999 and based in Niagara Falls, Ontario. Known for Serious Performance, Fluance prides itself on pushing cutting-edge technology to its limits based on five key aspects: Sound Quality, Solid Construction, Performance, Style, and Value while using only premium components in the construction of its speaker systems.

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