GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition – Extreme GPU Overclocks On The Way!

The GTX 980 Ti HOF (Hall of Fame) LN2 Edition graphics card is ready to be pushed using LN2. This limited edition card can only be purchased from Galax own website, with pre-order’s due to ship from the factory on July 10th. From what we have seen, the card ships bare and ready straight out of the box ready for some LN2 action.

GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition

Simply put, this card is ready to break some world records in 3DMark, especially paired with a I7-5960X CPU with both components under LN2. The GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition comes with a breathtaking 16+3 phase power delivery system on a 12 Layer PCB powered by 3 x 8 pin PCIe power connectors. Onboard manual switch enables the user to disable failsafes such as thermal shutdown and power limits.

GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition

As an owner of a GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition, you receive access to several privileged VIP extras as well. You will be provided a signature name card by GALAX in recognition of your elite status as an LN2 Edition owner, and this status includes exclusive access to consultation services and technical support directly with R&D engineers and overclock experts.

As you can see below, extreme overclocks have begun with the GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition in SLI set for some LN2 benchmarking.

GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition

Only one batch of the GALAX GTX 980 Ti HOF LN2 Edition will ever be produced, and this small quantity will be made available via pre-order only for a very short time. GALAX advises any OC enthusiasts seeking to claim a card from this extremely limited edition release to place their orders as promptly as possible in order to secure their place on a very short list of VIPs to own the only production LN2 graphics card in existence. For $899.99 this thus far is the most expensive GTX 980Ti we have seen, but then again it is not designed for the average enthusiast or gamer in mind especially when Titan X cards are about $100 more.


    • I know, I am expecting to see some great overclocks and benchmarks with this card from those who paid the premium for this card. Maybe even WR’s broken from the LN2ers 🙂

  1. I hope people realize that buying this card is only worthwhile if you intend on using the LN2 feature and at worst water cooling it! for serious benching! I love what they have produced though

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