Google Announces Project Fi – Your Next Phone Network!

Google has been the answer to many questions. Why is the sky blue? I don’t know, Google it. Why did the left shark dance so weird? I don’t know, Google it. What’s the name of that movie where that actor does that thing? Google has the answer, and now Google will be solving more problems for us. Yesterday, Google has announced Project Fi, a new wireless network. As of now, Project Fi is available as an invite only to Nexus 6 users and there are no expected deadlines as to when it will be available for the general public.

Project Fi Featured

Project Fi will allow your device to connect to the strongest network available, whether that’s WiFi or an LTE network by connecting to two towers. In doing so, Project Fi is ensuring that your device is performing at the highest speed available. When there are multiple open WiFi signals available, Project Fi will connect you to the best network, while also ensuring your information is encrypted. If you start a call while on a WiFi network the signal will seamlessly change to an LTE network if you leave the WiFi area. Project Fi will also allow your phone number to be used on any device you own that supports Google Hangouts.

Project Fi Network

Project Fi offers a basic, no contract plan starting at $20 a month which includes unlimited domestic talk and text, unlimited international texts, low-cost international calls ($0.20/min) and WiFi tethering. You can add data to your plan for just $10 for each gigabyte you want. Take a look at the map below, coverage is quite vast for just the start!

Fi Netowrk Map

If you are afraid to pay an extra $50 for 5GB and then find out that you did not use it all, Google has you covered there too! Project Fi will only charge you for the data that you use. At the end of each month, Project Fi promises to reimburse you for any extra data that you had leftover. So let’s say that you bought 5GB, but only used 3.275GB, Project Fi will credit you $17.25 (5 times 10 less 3.275 times 10). That’s right, they reimburse you right down to the penny! You may ask, what if you pay for 5GB and end up using 6GB? Not a problem, you will just be charged the extra $10, just as you would have if you chose 6GB originally. What happens when you go on your trip to another city/country/continent? Again, no worries. Project Fi is available in 120+ countries and data rates will not change. That’s right, 1GB in the US is the same as 1GB in Italy. When you travel, your data rates travel with you. It almost sounds too good to be true!

If you are a Nexus 6 user you can request your invite to join Project Fi with your Nexus 6 here.

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