Intel Skylake Arrives – Packaging & Pricing Revealed

Now that Skylake has been released, here are some pictures of the retail boxes which are surprisingly colorful. They seem to be a throwback to the pre-Pentium 4 era. These are shots of the packaging for the Core i7-6700K and Core i5-6600K. The I7-6700K has been seen on Amazon for $397.99 whilst the I5-6600K is at $274.99.

Intel Core I7-6700K

Intel Skylake I7-6700K

 Now we can see the back of the Intel Core I7-6700K.

Intel Skylake I7-6700K-1

Intel Core I5-6600K

Intel Skylake I5-6600K

The back of the packaging for the Intel Core I5-6600K.

Intel Skylake I5-6600K-1

What has surprised us is with these two Intel Skylake CPU’s (I7-6700K & I5-6600K) is they do not ship with a stock cooler much like Intel’s Core i7 HEDT processors. In the box you will just find the CPU, case badge, and basic documentation.

They feature unlocked base-clock multipliers, making them primed for overclocking, the same integrated graphics SKU – HD Graphics 530. Both feature integrated memory controllers that support both DDR3L and DDR4 memory types. The I7-6700K will feature HyperThreading along with an 8MB L3 Cache whilst the I5-6600K will not have HyperThreading and only 6MB of L3 Cache much like previous generations. Intel Skylake CPU’s are built using the 14nm lithography. Although the high price, Intel Skylake is becoming a benchmarker’s dream with approximately seven world records as well as four core global records to it’s name. Intel Skylake looks to be the best release from Intel since LGA775 days.

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  1. Well, the prices havent dropped a lot..
    I7-6700K still costs about 330 bucks.

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