Intel’s Kaby Lake to Succeed Skylake in 2016

Intel has once again changed its roadmap and will introduce what we believe to be a Skylake refresh CPU code-named Kaby Lake. Kaby Lake will be compatible with the upcoming 100 series LGA1151 motherboards just like Devils Canyon was too Haswell. Kaby Lake processors made using 14nm FinFET process technology and will feature two or four cores.



Kaby Lake will also feature a new generation integrated graphics engine, a dual-channel memory controller and up to 256MB of on-package cache to speed up graphics workloads. As usual Kaby Lake will address both mobile and desktop markets with thermal design starting at 4.5W up to 91W. At the moment not a lot is known about Intel Kaby Lake such as whether the CPU’s will feature a new micro-architecture. As stated Kaby Lake will drop straight into the new 100 series motherboards but we expect a BIOS update will be needed. It is highly likely that Intel’s reason to delay Cannonlake is postponement of Intel’s 10nm fabrication process although this is not known.

We will have further news on Kaby Lake as more information becomes available.

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