KTC Launches L81F TV Series

KTC launched its L81F TV series, which features supreme cost-performance. KTC has found a way to provide large-screen LCD for an affordable price. The L81F TVs come in three sizes including 40”, 32”, and 24” all of which use top grade LCD panels providing rich pictures and true colours.


The TVs in the L81F series have been designed to be visually appealing when powered on or off. They are ultra-thin and the surface has been treated for a mat-polish finish. The value of the TVs has not at all been compromised by the low cost. They are created using high-cost hardware structures making them both durable and stunning.

KTC L81F PR-2 The interior of the TVs in the L81F series consists of the motherboard, power board, LED backlight driver board and keyboard all on one PCB to provide the sleek design. It provides ports for HDMI cables, AV cables, as well as USB. The addition of USB ports allows for playback of video, audio, and image files, external storage devices, and upgrade via the USB port. KTC L81F PR-3

The L81F series has incorporated many unique elements such as automatic volume control to make your viewing experience that much greater. This will solve the problem of varying volume levels when switching programs. Additionally, the L81F series has been designed for low power consumption with standby power consumption less than 0.5W.

KCT’s L81F series provides an affordable option with a great viewing experience and a smooth design, which would be a great addition to any living room.

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