Leaked Image Possibly Reveals the Long Awaited AMD Radeon R9 390X

Hot off the news of AMD’s future from their Financial Analyst Day, we’ve got some newly leaked images courtesy of the folks over at WCCF Tech. The outlet claims to have acquired some exclusive images of the not yet announced AMD Radeon R9 390x – nomenclature unconfirmed – which is based on AMD’s upcoming flagship, ultra-enthusiast Fiji XT graphics core.


The card in the leak appears to be water-cooled by a 120mm radiator. If the image is real, it would confirm earlier rumors that AMD is planning to release a water-cooled version of their Fiji XT based GPU. It also features a black and silver color scheme, just as their R9 295×2 dual-GPU flagship, which is also water-cooled. The card pictured appears to be much shorter, which makes sense since it will be utilizing HBM memory.

UPDATE: Another leaked image courtesy of Chiphell.com


The card also appears to have forgone DVI outputs in favor of three full-sized DisplayPorts, and a single HDMI port. It also seems to feature a purely water-cooled design, rather than the hybrid liquid, and air cooling of the Radeon R9 295×2.


In the second leaked image, we see not the card, but the GPU which power’s the card itself. This image displays the HBM DRAM packaged alongside the actual GPU core on a silicon interposer, as AMD detailed at their Financial Analyst Day.

AMD has officially confirmed that their upcoming flagship GPU will be the world’s first to feature 3D stacked ‘High-bandwidth Memory’ or HBM. This new technology represents a revolutionary improvement over current memory standards, and promises to deliver 4.5x the bandwidth of GDDR5, which is most commonly used in graphics cards today.


While we cannot confirm the legitimacy of these leaks, the outlet which posted them have been right in the past, and swear by their authenticity. AMD has gone on the record stating that their next-generation graphics cards will be released in this Quarter, and the firm is expected to formally announce the card in early June, just in time for Computex.

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