Micron Introduces Smallest 128-GB NAND Flash Device — 20nm With TLC Density

Micron Technology has announced the introduction of the industry’s smallest 128GB NAND flash memory device.  This new NAND flash module utilizes Micron’s award-winning 20nm architecture with triple-level cells (TLC), which are able to store three bits of information per cell.  This creates a highly compact storage solution, targeted at cost-competitive removable storage applications such as flash cards and USB drives.

Measuring a mere 146 square millimeters, this new 128GB device is more than 25% smaller than Micron’s own multi-level cell (MLC) NAND modules also utilizing 20nm architecture.  Flash cards and USB drives are anticipated to represent 35% of total NAND gigabytes sold in calendar 2013.  Larger capacity USB drives in their same current form factor appear to be very close on the horizon!


According to Glen Hawk, vice president of Micron’s NAND Solutions Group, “This is the industry’s smallest, highest capacity NAND flash memory device — empowering a new class of consumer storage applications.  Every day we learn of new and innovative use cases for flash storage, underpinning the excitement and opportunity for Micron.  We are committed to enriching our portfolio of leading Flash storage solutions that serve our broad customer base.”

Micron is now sampling the 128GB TLC NAND device with select partners, and it should be in production in the second quarter of 2012.  Micron’s press release can be viewed in its entirety here.

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