Microsoft Smartwatch In The Works?

The smartwatch game has just begun and company names such as Google, Samsung, Apple, and LG are reportedly creating a smartwatch. These companies can add another name to their list: Microsoft. According to the Wall Street Journal, Microsoft has tasked some suppliers with the job to deliver some components of a smartwatch.


This small development does not mean that the smartwatch will be retailed any time soon, it may never be produced. It does mean however that Microsoft is keeping its eye on its competition and may enter the arena at any time.

Bill Gates Smartwatch

Is a smartwatch something that the consumer wants? Many individuals have done away with the wristwatch in favour of their smartphones. Why would people want to go back to this method of telling time? What would a display that size be good for, except telling time or maybe email notifications and music? There need to be more developments in this field especially on the screen resolution and the purpose of the device, and only time will tell how popular this may become.

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