MSI Teases Us With the GTX 980Ti Lightning Graphics Card

MSI has not released their powerhouse graphics card series we all know as the Lightning series on the GM204 based architecture, this is because they were waiting for the big Maxwell. Well we know the big Maxwell is here in the Titan X line up of graphics cards. Now MSI has rumoured that the GTX 980Ti Lightning is incoming sometime soon, which will be the successor to their GTX 780Ti Lightning (the Big Kepler).


We have not heard of MSI to release a Titan X Lightning anytime soon if at all. What this means is the GTX 980Ti Lightning very well be MSI’s power horse until the release of Pascal. It is also said that the card will come with an updated TriFrozr cooling solution. The Lightning series cards from MSI are a favorite amongst extreme overclockers plus many enthusiasts and gamers willing to pay the price.

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  1. NDA is set to be lifted later this month although my source at MSI has not given me an exact date, I expect the MSI GTX980Ti Lightning will be released early September.

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