Nvidia Pascal to Offer 10 Times the Performance of Titan X

Nvidia may have just released their latest flagship GPU, the Titan X, which utilizes current Maxwell GPU architecture, but that wont stop them from talking about what’s next. Announced last year, Nvidia’s next-generation Pascal GPU architecture has finally been detailed, and its performance claims are impressive.


As we can see in the slide below, Nvidia is claiming that Pascal will offer roughly 10x the CUDA compute performance of current top of the line Maxwell-based cards, such as the Titan X.  Now, whether that actually translates to 10x the gaming performance remains to be seen, but we wouldn’t expect as much.


The new architecture will also allow for up to 8-way SLI (multi-GPU) configurations via its all-new NVLink technology. It will also feature the ability to utilize up to 32GB of RAM, which is far up from the current 12GB limitation of Maxwell.

Nvidia also says that Pascal will support 3D Memory, which is something that is rumored to be featured in AMD’s next-generation 300x GPUs, expected later this year. If that turns out to be the case, this means Nvidia will take the better part of a year to catch up to their rivals.


Nvidia has spent about three years on R&D, and likely quite a bit of cash on Pascal. It is currently on track to release next-year, in 2016, followed by their even newer Volta architecture in 2018.

As always, we’ll be following this story closely and will provide updates as we receive them.

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